For Pete's Sake

College basketball team in St. Louis snaps 108-game losing streak

When you think of long-suffering sports fans, what teams come to mind?

The Cleveland Browns won just a single game in the 2016 and 2017 seasons combined. The San Diego Padres have been to just two World Series in franchise history. The Sacramento Kings’ misery dates back to their days in Kansas City.

Well, the St. Louis School of Pharmacy has them all beat. The school’s men’s basketball team had lost 108 straight games, which is in Washington Generals territory.

But that skid ended Thursday night with the NAIA team’s 77-66 win over Lindenwood University-Belleville. The headline on the school’s athletic site was succinct: “Men’s basketball wins.”

“It’s an amazing feeling to see the guys get the results that they deserve,” coach Danny Brown told the site. “They competed. They earned everything tonight. It’s been a long time coming.”

How long? Try 2014, which was before the Royals won the World Series, Peyton Manning was still playing and the iPhone 6 was introduced.

But that losing streak is in the past now.

“All you see is smiles on faces,” Brown said. “It’s the type of feeling that you want after every game. It’s good to see guys walk out with their heads held high, proud of the effort they put in.”

Scott Van Pelt showed the Eutectics some love on ESPN:

Van Pelt may have said 106-game losing streak, but the NAIA apparently shows the skid was at 108: