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Chiefs, NFL fans have definite opinions on Patrick Mahomes’ ketchup usage

If you thought Mahomes mania couldn’t get any crazier or stranger, well, you’re wrong.

A debate raged Wednesday on Twitter about Mahomes and his love of ketchup.* Specifically, that he’s used it on steak.

*You might think this a joke; it is not

This nugget was revealed in an ESPN feature on Mahomes, which you can read here. The story notes that Mahomes has loved ketchup since his was a boy, but now that he’s famous, he shies away from asking for it in restaurants, because he doesn’t want the wrong attention. Well, that little secret is out.

The ESPN story says his mom asked for the ketchup at a restaurant while Mahomes was eating steak, and that sparked the debate. (UPDATE: Mahomes was asked condiment questions at a news conference Thursday. “I don’t think it’s that weird, but I put it on my macaroni and cheese,” Mahomes said. “People seem to think that’s a weird thing, some people think that’s disgusting, but it’s good to me.”)

Fans fell squarely into three camps: those who questioned Mahomes’ choice, those who love ketchup on steak and other foods, and those who don’t care about his love of ketchup because he’s a star quarterback.

Here is a sample of what Chiefs fans (and others) were sharing on Twitter, starting with the pro-ketchup crowd:

And the anti-ketchup voting block:

Finally, here are the fans who say let Mahomes do whatever the heck he wants to his food:

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