For Pete's Sake

Ian Rapoport’s son interrupted his dad’s spot on the NFL Network and hilarity ensued

You never know what will happen when you work from home, and Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network learned that lesson Wednesday.

After news broke that the New Orleans Saints had signed wide receiver Dez Bryant, Rapoport was offering analysis on the network when his young son suddenly appeared on screen.

Rapoport initially tried to keep his son off screen, but when the others on the broadcast laughed, Rapoport placed young Jude on his lap.

Jude must have seen himself on the screen because he couldn’t resist sticking out his tongue while dad was talking.

It made for a fun moment:

This also reminded me of another great live interview moment: when kids barged in on dad doing an interview about North Korea. This has been viewed almost 29 million times on BBC alone: