For Pete's Sake

Erik Kratz thanked home-plate umpire, then celebrated after Brewers won NLDS series

The Royals’ celebration after winning the 2015 World Series got off to a clunky start.

Catcher Drew Butera caught the last strike, turned to thank the home-plate umpire and then had to step around the Mets’ Wilmer Flores before he could finally greet closer Wade Davis.

Butera isn’t the only catcher who is this polite with umpires.

Milwaukee’s Erik Kratz, the former catcher for the Royals, also made sure to thank umpire Ted Barrett after the Lorenzo Cain caught the final out of the Brewers’ 6-0 win in Game 3 of the National League Division Series on Sunday.

Kratz was wearing a microphone during the game, so fans got to hear his reaction when the Brewers won the series.

“Teddy, thank you brother,” Kratz said. “Hey, bless you.”

It was a cool moment: