For Pete's Sake

Kansas City man is new owner of the Denver Broncos (according to Wikipedia)

It should be no surprise that this change to Wikipedia was coming.

As is often the case, an intrepid fan has changed the ownership of a team to a player who had a big game against a rival.

That happened Monday when Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes led a pair of touchdown drives in the fourth quarter and helped Kansas City to a 27-23 victory.

On Wednesday afternoon, Wikipedia showed a new owner of the Denver Broncos: Mahomes.


The addition of the footnotes next to Mahomes’ name was a nice touch, don’t you think?

Pat Bowlen is the actual owner of the Broncos, of course. But some intrepid Chiefs fan was having a little fun at the expense of the Broncos.

Now the question is: how long will the Wikipedia page show Mahomes as the owner?