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Raiders benefited from same ‘forward progress’ call that hurt Chiefs in playoffs

Tell me this doesn’t ring a bell, Chiefs fans.

In the fourth quarter of Sunday’s Raiders-Browns game, Cleveland appeared to have a strip sack of Oakland quarterback Derek Carr. Cleveland led 35-34 when Myles Garrett hit Carr, who fumbled and the ball was recovered by the Browns.

The ruling on the field: the quarterback’s forward progress had been stopped and the quarterback was in the grasp.

That was the call that worked against the Chiefs twice in last season’s playoff loss to the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead Stadium.

ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit, who grew up in Ohio and attended Ohio State, was as confused as Chiefs fans were in January when he tweeted the play:

Here is another look:

Doesn’t that look a lot like Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota’s forward progress being stopped in the AFC Wild Card Game?

You can’t say definitely that it would have been a touchdown for the Browns, but they clearly recovered what should have been called a fumble. By the way, Jeff Triplette retired so he wasn’t the referee on Sunday.

The Raiders won Sunday’s game 45-42 in overtime thanks in part to another questionable call: the Browns appeared to have gained a first down that would have allowed them to run out the clock in regulation.