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Denver columnist: ‘The Chiefs are soft,’ so Broncos need to get at Patrick Mahomes

There is no doubt that Broncos head coach Vance Joseph and defensive coordinator Joe Woods won’t be leaning on Denver Post columnist Mark Kiszla for advice.

But heading into the “Monday Night Football” game between the Chiefs and Broncos, Kiszla wrote a column in which he called on Denver to challenge Kansas City’s toughness.

“When punched in the mouth, does Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes bleed?” Kiszla wrote.

“Let’s find out. How else are we going to know if the defensive reputations of Denver coaches Vance Joseph and Joe Woods are worth more than the paper their resumes are printed on? With Kansas City coach Andy Reid and his offensive scheme blowing up scoreboards throughout the NFL, are the Broncos bold enough to tell ‘Showtime’ Mahomes: Not in our house!”

Kiszla asserted that Joseph was in need of a signature win in his second season as Denver’s head coach. After noting the eye-popping stats of the Chiefs offense, Kiszla suggested that Denver should be aggressive in getting after Mahomes.

He pointed to how the Broncos disrupted Panthers quarterback Cam Newton in Super Bowl 50.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Kiszla wrote. “This is not a call to violence against Mahomes. That would be foolish at a time when NFL officials throw a penalty flag when so much as a single bubble of wrap is popped by any defender who falls on the quarterback.

“But let me say this, with all due respect: The Chiefs are soft. ...

“What I want is the Broncos get after Mahomes with as many speed rushers as possible, because if this Denver defensive backfield sits back and plays soft against the Chiefs, it will get eaten alive. Four sacks in three games make it appear as if Kansas City is doing a good job of protecting Mahomes. But he has been hit 20 times. Von Miller, Bradley Chubb and the gang can get to him.”

The Broncos’ pass defense is 21st in the NFL, allowing 262.7 yards per game.

That Mahomes now is Vegas’ favorite to be the NFL MVP after three games surprised Kiszla, who against asserted that he believes the Chiefs lack toughness.

“So pardon this irreverent question, but I also have a sneaking suspicion: Are the Chiefs soft?

“In the defensive game plan being installed by Denver, we will discover if Joseph and Woods are the strong and confident coaches to aggressively seek an answer.”

You can read the whole column here.