For Pete's Sake

Patrick Mahomes says he called a wrong formation against Steelers. It ended up a TD.

Like many others, former NFL quarterback Dan Orlovsky was certainly impressed with what he’d seen from Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes in Sunday’s win at Pittsburgh.

One play in particular caught his fancy: a 25-yard touchdown pass to Travis Kelce in the third quarter that snapped a 21-all tie.

Orlovsky broke down the play in a Twitter video and pointed out a number of things the Chiefs did right, including Mahomes fooling the safety. Orlovsky also noted that when the Chiefs broke the huddle, “they explode that formation. Gets Pittsburgh a little bit confused, how are you going to check to go from one thing to an empty formation, is it going to be man or zone?”

This is the play and the tweet:

Here’s the thing: Mahomes said Wednesday on WHB (810 AM) that there was a mistake on that particular play. He had called the wrong formation in the huddle. On the way to the line of scrimmage, Kelce gave Mahomes a heads-up.

“So I had to try and fix the guys at the line of scrimmage,” Mahomes said on 810. “Kelce kind of alerted it to me early. So we fixed guys at the line of scrimmage, and when I did that, it accidentally confused their defense, because it changed the strength and everything. So we got everybody in the right spot.

“And then Kelce, of course, we saw … they rotated to the Cover-2 type coverage and he took the middle of the field, and I knew if I just put it out there, he would have a chance to make a big play. Of course, he made a great catch and scored a touchdown on it.”

Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy said Thursday that the offensive players know they need to talk with one another.

“These guys understand the importance of communication,” Bieniemy said. “We want to make sure all these guys are all talking to each other and understand this is what we need to do, this is what we’re seeing, and share that with each other.

“You can only get so much from us as coaches. Things happen on the field and things change, so they have to have the ability to improvise and adjust and give each other the proper information.”

It certainly helped on Sunday.