For Pete's Sake

Here is the Orlando Scandrick holding call that negated a Chiefs defensive TD

Chiefs defensive lineman Chris Jones thought he had scored a touchdown Sunday that would have made KC’s first-quarter outburst in Pittsburgh all that more impressive.

Alas, teammate Orlando Scandrick was called for holding and the fourth touchdown of the opening quarter was taken off the board.

Chiefs fans were perplexed because CBS never showed a replay of Scandrick penalty during the game.

Well, it came out during the All-22 video that the NFL makes available, and a few people shared the video on Twitter.

It’s better quality than, say, the Zapruder Film, but it’s still a little tough to see exactly how egregious the penalty was. However, Craig Stout of the Chiefs blog Arrowhead Pride highlighted Scandrick in this video:

Here is another look from Twitter user Charles Goldman of Chiefs Wire:

This has nothing to do with the penalty, but Matt Waldman of broke down how disruptive Chiefs linebacker Justin Houston was on the play and it was impressive: