For Pete's Sake

This time, Salvador Perez was victim of a postgame splash. This one was stickier.

In addition to the change in their record, a good indication of the Royals’ recent success has been the uptick in the number of Salvy Splashes.

The Royals have won eight of their last nine home games and 10 of their last 15 games overall, so there have been more postgame celebrations.

Because catcher Salvador Perez had a two-run homer and added a double in Thursday’s 6-4 win over the Twins at Kauffman Stadium, he was interviewed on Fox Sports Kansas City after the game.

Perez had a feeling that he’d be a target of a postgame splash and deftly avoided outfielder Jorge Bonifacio’s attempt with a bucket of water. “Nobody knows how to do it,” Perez exclaimed.

But Bonifacio was not deterred. He returned with Gatorade and drenched Perez.

The Gatorade splash is much stickier than water, so perhaps Perez would have been better off letting Bonifacio get him the first time.