For Pete's Sake

A skunk invaded the Oakland Coliseum. Insert your Raiders joke here.

The Raiders were not skunked by the Rams in their season opener, but Oakland lost 33-13 at home.

However, the Raiders’ stadium was skunked.

Raiders coach Jon Gruden said during a conference call with Denver reporters that a wild skunk had invaded the Oakland Coliseum. Apparently, the skunk left its, well, mark.

“We had a short week, no sleep and a wild skunk in our building,” Gruden said, per the San Francisco Chronicle. “It’s a smell I still can’t get out of my face.”

Now that is reason for Gruden to make his Chucky Face.

Gruden told the Chronicle that the skunk had gotten loose in the Raiders’ tunnel to the stadium. Talk about the wrong kind of symbolism for a team.

A skunk invaded the field during a Reno Aces minor-league baseball game, and nobody wanted to catch it.