For Pete's Sake

Ryan Lefebvre, Rex Hudler called part of Royals game while holding twin baby girls

Fox Sports Kansas City’s special broadcast of Tuesday night’s Royals game had some cool moments as military members who are deployed in the Middle East were given the chance to talk with loved ones back in Kansas City.

It was part of the “This One’s For You” broadcast on Armed Forces Night. One of the highlights was when Ashley Neely joined the FSKC booth and spoke with her husband, Travis. Broadcasters Ryan Lefebvre and Rex Hudler each held one of the Neelys’ twin baby girls, and it was a cute segment.

Addison and Kinsley will turn 1 year old next week and they weren’t all that interested in the game. However, Addison was taken with the windscreen on Lefebvre’s microphone, and Kinsley grabbed the baseball from Hudler’s hand.

It was a cute moment and certainly not something you see during a telecast.

Take a look:

Here’s a longer portion of the interview and you can see Ashley and Travis discuss where to go on a delayed honeymoon (Royals Hall of Famer Mike Sweeney makes a cameo):