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‘The Chiefs are the most fun team in football.’ National media wowed by KC’s offense

Patrick Mahomes leads Chiefs to 38-28 win against Chargers

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes took the helm and lead the team to a 38-28 win against the Los Angeles Chargers in the season opener at StubHub Center.
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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes took the helm and lead the team to a 38-28 win against the Los Angeles Chargers in the season opener at StubHub Center.

The Chiefs’ 38-28 win over the Chargers on Sunday made believers of many NFL writers around the nation.

A verdict hadn’t been reached on quarterback Patrick Mahomes as he prepared to take over as the Chiefs’ starter this season, but his play in Carson, Calif., seemed to remove doubts that some people had.

In fact, no fewer than six national outlets wrote about the Chiefs’ electric offense. Here is a sample of what those six were saying.

Will Brinson of CBS Sports recapped Sunday’s games and had this headline: “Patrick Mahomes takes the top off Reid’s offense for exciting Chiefs.”

“Whatever you do this season, take some time to watch a full game of Patrick Mahomes under center for the Chiefs,” Brinson wrote. “Keep the kids out of shouting distance though, because you’ll absolutely drop an expletive or two watching the second-year quarterback wing it around the field in Andy Reid’s offense.

“For several years, Reid’s been essentially driving a Honda Accord in Alex Smith — a safe, perfectly great car with excellent steering, a vehicle perfect for doing just a couple miles above the speed limit. Now he has a Ferrari. The ride might not be perfect, but it’s fast, it’s fun and it’s what we all deserved to see in this offense.

“Mahomes is an athletic, strong-armed quarterback capable of hitting targets at every level of the field and generally wrecking havoc in an efficient and explosive manner on a weekly basis. That’s what we were lead to believe this offseason, and based on one week’s worth of work, it wasn’t a lie.”

Brad Gagnon’s story for Bleacher Report had this headline: “Pat Mahomes, Tyreek Hill are taking over the NFL as next superstar tandem.” He sees the Chiefs offense being a force for quite some time.

“Reid will always put his quarterback in a position to succeed. It’s what he does best,” Gagnon wrote.

“That’s not to say Mahomes can start preparing a Hall of Fame speech. The No. 10 overall pick entered the league raw. His mechanics still aren’t perfect, and he will undoubtedly need to work on his decision-making skills. There will eventually be growing pains.

“But on Sunday, Reid, Hill and the Chiefs showed there probably isn’t a better place in football for a young, promising quarterback to take the reins.

“The Chiefs don’t yet know exactly what they have in Mahomes, but they do know what they have with Reid, Hill, (Kareem) Hunt, star tight end Travis Kelce (who was hardly needed for Sunday’s offensive explosion) and even Spencer Ware, (Chris) Conley and (Sammy) Watkins, and it’s extraordinary.

“Those circumstances alone should enable the entire offense — and Mahomes and Hill in particular — to dominate for years to come.”

Yahoo Sports’ Frank Schwab wrote a story that had the headline, “With big Week 1 performance, Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes hints at his special ability.”

“The Chiefs and Mahomes made a heck of a statement on Sunday,” Schwab wrote. “Hill was absolutely dominant, starting with a long punt return for a touchdown and continuing from there. He had 169 yards receiving and three total touchdowns. The defense played better than expected without safety Eric Berry. It was a big win in a wide-open AFC West.

“But the story is Mahomes. While it was clear what would happen with Smith from the moment the Chiefs traded up to draft Mahomes, it was still risky to move on from Smith, who led the NFL in passer rating and led the Chiefs to an AFC West title in 2017.

“Smith played very well in his Washington Redskins debut on Sunday. But after one week, it looks like the Chiefs might have hit a home run on Mahomes.”

USA Today’s Steven Ruiz wrote a story with this headline: “The Chiefs gave us a peek at the future of NFL offenses.”

“Kansas City ran 55 plays on Sunday,” Ruiz wrote. “I charted 19 of them as ‘college-inspired’ plays, which included RPOs (run-pass options), read options and jet sweeps. Those nineteen plays produced 197 yards, 13 first downs and three touchdowns. Some of the more stubborn pro coaches might refer to the Chiefs offense as gimmicky, but that breed of coaching is dying out. The gap between college and pro offenses is slowly closing, and, soon, what we saw out of Reid’s team in Los Angeles will be the new normal. If you want to know what football will look like five years from now, the Chiefs gave you a taste this weekend.”

ESPN’s Dan Graziano looked at the top headlines from the NFL’s first weekend, and he lavished praise on the Chiefs’ offense.

“The Chiefs went as far with Smith as he was going to take them, and Mahomes’ laser arm adds an electrifying something that honestly does offer this Chiefs offense a chance to operate at an even higher octane level,” Graziano wrote.

Danny Heifetz of The Ringer wrote a story with the headline, “Patrick Mahomes II is the NFL’s must-watch player.”

“Mahomes isn’t the first young quarterback to immediately meet the hype out of the gate as a starter — Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Deshaun Watson all looked like MVP-caliber players in their rookie year, and Carson Wentz was an MVP candidate while healthy in his second season,” Heifetz wrote. “Mahomes’s early success is like Christmas morning to the fans and fantasy owners who bought into the hype, but his play also represents something larger than himself: teams’ increasing openness to college offenses. Maybe one day Mahomes will be the face of an Air Raid revolution in the pros.

“Those conversations are years away. Right now, the Chiefs are the most fun team in football, and Mahomes is the star of the show.”