For Pete's Sake

Rockies’ Trevor Story hit the longest home run in Statcast era on Wednesday

Five hundred and five feet.

That’s how far Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story hit a home run on Wednesday night at Coors Field during a game against the San Francisco Giants.

That is the longest in the Statcast era, which started in 2015, eclipsing Giancarlo Stanton’s 504-foot homer for the Marlins in 2016 ... at Coors Field.

Story’s homer traveled 168 yards. That distance is roughly the size of a 45-story building. Or in layman’s terms: Story crushed it.

“As soon as it came off the bat, I said, ‘Oh man, that’s going to hit the scoreboard and it’s going to go straight to my Lamborghini in the parking lot,’ ” Rockies right fielder Carlos Gonzalez told the Denver Post.

Before hitting that bomb, Story smashed a 459-foot home run after swinging so hard that he fell down.

Story wasn’t done. He added a third home run that broke a tie, but this one went a mere 416 feet: