For Pete's Sake

Watch the final minute of Bryce Harper’s comeback victory in Home Run Derby

Sure, the Home Run Derby is just a sideshow held on the eve of the All-Star Game.

But this year’s version ended with an electrifying comeback by Washington outfielder Bryce Harper, who trailed Kyle Schwarber of the Cubs 18-9 in the final round.

With his back to the wall, Harper hit nine homers in a 10-pitch span before the clock struck zero. In his bonus time, Harper hit a no-doubter to center.

Did Harper get a little help from his dad, who was pitching? Seemed like it, because a ball is supposed to land before the next pitch is thrown.

But it’s the Home Run Derby, so there is no reason to get too bent out of shape. Particularly when watching this final 60 seconds of swings by Harper:

In bonus time, Harper won it with this shot on his second swing:

After it was over, Harper and Schwarber sent messages to each other on Twitter: