For Pete's Sake

Royals have suspended their Papa John’s promotional deal

Papa John’s pizza founder John Schnatter resigned Wednesday as chairman of the board after he apologized for using a racial slur during a conference call in May.

After news of Schnatter’s use of the N-word during a training call, Major League Baseball indefinitely suspended its Papa Slam promotion with Papa John’s, Yahoo Sports reported.

Beginning in 2016, when a Major League Baseball player hit a grand slam, the league called it a “Papa Slam,” and fans received 40 percent off their order at Papa John’s the next day by using an online coupon code, the Yahoo story noted.

The Royals have a deal with Papa John’s as well. If the Royals score five runs in a game, fans can enter a promotional code the following day on the Papa John’s website and get 50 percent off the price of a regular menu pizza.

However, the Royals are suspending that deal.

“The promotion has been suspended indefinitely, and we are reviewing the matter with Major League Baseball as Papa John’s is also an MLB partner,” Toby Cook, the Royals’ vice president of publicity, wrote in an email to The Star.

On Thursday afternoon, the Royals put out this statement: “We are taking a pause on the Papa John’s 5 run offer. We’re working with MLB and Papa John’s and will reassess during the All-Star break and decide how to proceed from there.”