For Pete's Sake

These are the 'Turn Ahead The Clock' uniforms the Royals will wear Saturday

This sounds like the plot to a Christopher Nolan movie or perhaps something that a theoretical physicist could try to explain.

When the Royals take the field Saturday night in Seattle, they will be wearing special jerseys as part of the Mariners' celebration to honor a promotion from 20 years ago. That was "Turn Ahead The Clock Night" when the Mariners and Royals had futuristic uniforms from the year 2027.

Got that? It's a throwback to the future.

Those uniforms from the 1998 Royals-Mariners games were flat-out ugly. Well, the Royals' were, at least. They had gold metallic helmets and sleeveless yellow jerseys.

The Royals got an upgrade for this Saturday's game. Second baseman Whit Merrifield modeled the uniforms:

Here is a look at the jerseys from the game in 1998: