For Pete's Sake

Royals' minor-league team's planned Millennial Night doesn't please millennials

One of the goals of Major League Baseball's pace-of-play initiatives* is an attempt to reach out to younger people.

*Pitch-free intentional walks! Limited mound visits!

But at the same time, baseball is cracking down on the shade of the players' cleats, which seems like the type of thing that would turn off younger viewers, because it's a dumb rule.

The Lexington Legends, who are a Royals' Class A affiliate, likely won't win over many young fans with its Millennial Night, which is scheduled for Monday.

Upon entering the ballpark, fans will receive a participation ribbon. Why? This is from the news release: "We know it's a big feat to leave the safe confines of your home with Netflix beaconing you to stay on the couch, so the Legends are ready to congratulate fans on their accomplishment, even if they are still in sweatpants."

I think that's supposed to be beckoning, but you get the idea, even if it is misguided.

There will be free parking and a petition to change the official state food of Kentucky to avocado toast. That seems fine.

What else is there?

This is from the release: "The Legends know that fans might need one too, so between certain innings, there will be group naptime …blankets are not provided. Fans are encouraged to bring their own coloring books and colored pencils in case the game is too stressful and they need to find an escape."

I didn't realize millennials couldn't handle a stressful game or took a lot of naps.

The Legends are also planning selfie stops, and the release notes: "Millennials have made the #selfie the masterpiece it is today, so there will be ample opportunities for fans to add to their collection of photos, whether they are doing it for the 'Gram, Twitter or Tinder. Whitaker Bank Ballpark is always a #JudgeFreeZone."

Hmmm. No Snapchat?

What do you think of the promotion? Good fun or misguided? Some millennials certainly were none-too-happy to hear about it.