For Pete's Sake

The newest winner of Royals’ Sonic Slam inning was – gasp – a Cardinals fan

Knowing that she was the Sonic Slam contestant Sunday, Jadah Bradley had intended to tune in to the Royals game in Detroit.

But it was raining at her house in Marys Home, Mo., and she wasn’t able to get a signal, so Bradley continued working toward her online degree to become a veterinary technician.

“I couldn’t get the game on, so I decided to do my homework instead and my phone started going crazy,” Bradley said.

The Royals trailed 2-0 entering the sixth inning, and they had yet to register a hit. As Fox Sports Kansas City’s Ryan Lefebvre was grilling Rex Hudler about the geographical location of Eugene, Mo., Royals second baseman Whit Merrifield launched a home run to left field.

That meant Bradley, 22, had won $300.

“I had a Facebook notification and I was tagged on a picture of Whit Merrifield getting the home run and I got $300,” Bradley said. “I called my mom then and we talked about the $300 and I was super excited about that.

“I put the phone down and started doing my homework again and my mom called me about five minutes later and told me I won a lot more than $300.”

Like $25,000 more.

Royals outfielder Abraham Almonte crushed a grand-slam to right field and made Bradley the ninth Sonic Slam winner in the history of the contest.

The reason Lefebvre and Hudler were talking about Eugene, Mo.? That’s where Bradley lived when she filled out a Sonic Slam contest entry form two years ago.

“My boyfriend and I were at Sonic and I saw the promotion on their bag and I just kind of thought, ‘I wonder how many people actually fill this out and mail it in?’ So I took it home, filled it all out and the next day mailed it in,” Bradley said. “I got a call from a guy named Hayden about a month ago and he let me know that my name was drawn as a contestant and all the info.

“I asked him, ‘was this two years ago that I would have signed up for this?’ Because I barely remember filling anything out for this.”

Bradley, who works as a veterinary assistant in the ICU at the Mizzou clinic in Columbia, plans to use the cash to pay off her car, maybe as a down payment for a house she and her boyfriend are buying and she wants to give some to charity, too.

It also will help her finish her degree without worry.

“I have some student debt that I’m in right now and that’s going to help me out a lot,” Bradley said. “It’s a blessing. I’m very thankful.”

Ah, but there is one dirty little secret about Bradley.

“I’ve grown up as a Cardinals fan,” she admitted.

But with the swing of a bat, her allegiances have changed.

“My mom actually just became a Royals fan a few months ago," Bradley said, "and I think I just became a Royals fan, too.”