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No, candy company Butterfinger didn’t create Tom Brady dropped-pass meme

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The Associated Press

Not long after the football slipped off the hands of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady during Super Bowl LII, some intrepid person thought the image would make for a good meme.

Brady had dropped a pass on a trick play in the second quarter of the Eagles’ 41-33 win over the Patriots, and a Twitter user with the handle @MemersDelight turned that into a meme for the candy bar, Butterfinger.

It wasn’t anything Butterfinger did, but people thought it was the company’s work.

Here is the original post, which was shared on Instagram:

That image was shared on Twitter, and people searched for what they thought was the original tweet. Naturally, it didn’t exist and people accused Butterfinger of deleting the tweet.

Butterfinger on Monday tweeted about the meme and took a dig at Brady: “Thanks to whoever created that meme. For the record, we didn’t drop the ball and delete anything.”

Later on Monday, Butterfinger again said it didn’t make the meme — and again poked fun at Brady, whose fumble late in the game led to an Eagles field goal: “No fumble from us last night”

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady said the team never really had control of the game and that ultimately, the Eagles made better plays.

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