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Take a look inside the stadium in Mexico where Chiefs will play next season

Azteca Stadium.
Azteca Stadium. The Associated Press

If you are a soccer fan, then you know Estadio Azteca is a place where the U.S. men’s national team has not had a lot of great memories.

That’s the stadium in Mexico City where the Chiefs will play the Rams next season. It will be one of Los Angeles’ home games, so Chiefs fans won’t miss out on a contest at Arrowhead Stadium.

Estadio Azteca opened in 1966, and it’s been home to the NFL’s regular-season games in Mexico in 2005, 2016 and 2017.

Here is a closer look at the stadium from a Patriots reporter from WBZ in Boston (New England crushed the Raiders 33-8 in November):

Here is a hype video that the NFL shared on Twitter:

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