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K-State fan Eric Stonestreet trades barbs with KU fans ahead of Sunflower Showdown

Kansas State’s most famous fan is already thinking about Monday night’s Sunflower Showdown.

Actor Eric Stonestreet, who is a native of Kansas City, Kan., and a K-State graduate, is ready for the Wildcats men’s basketball team to play host to the Jayhawks. With a win, K-State would move into a first-place tie with KU in the Big 12 standings.

Stonestreet won’t be in attendance, but he hopes his head will be prominently seen.

Here is what he tweeted:

“I can’t be at the KU vs. #KStateMBB game in Manhattan tonight, so can someone PLEASE have a distractingly large cutout of my head(i know, shouldn’t be hard) behind the basket(s)? Pretty please?? K. Thanks!!”

Stonestreet apparently was expecting to hear from fans after he made the request, and he had a fun exchange with a few people.

One asked about that cutout and tweeted: “So life size??? I kid... Rock Chalk!”

Stonestreet responded: “I attempted to take the obvious joke away from you yet you still persevered to show your 4th grade sense of humor! Congrats! Go Royals!”

A KU fan tweeted: “Are K-State fans allowed to use safety scissors without supervision? Rock Chalk!”

Stonestreet wrote: “Heather you should take your comedy on the road!!! Don’t deprive America any longer.”

Another Jayhawks fan asked: “Are there any of you looking like Bruce Weber? You know....mouth agape, completely confused and a little frightened? Also, why do you allow Cam to be from Missouri? I would have declined the role. #RCJH”

Stonestreet explained the “Modern Family” choice: “Well this may be a hard concept for you to understand based on that attempt of humor, but I wanted Cam to be from Missouri so we could make fun of Missouri and NOT MY home state of Kansas.”

A KU student suggested the photo Wildcats fans use is of Cam crying from “Modern Family.”

Stonestreet wrote: “Oh because I’m crying and since you’re predicting a ku win tonight you think that’s what I’ll be doing tomorrow?”

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