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Best moment of Pro Bowl came when Drew Brees’ young sons rumbled on the sideline

Where is the father of these kids?
Where is the father of these kids?

This was one of the best sideline interviews you’ll see at a football game.

During Sunday’s Pro Bowl in Orlando, Fla., ESPN’s Lisa Salters interviewed Saints quarterback Drew Brees, and his three sons were working the game as ball boys. Salters asked Baylen Brees a few questions, and that allowed his two brothers time to work off some energy by pushing and shoving each other.

It was hard not to pay attention to what was happening behind Baylen.

At one point, Salters asked: “What are Callen and Bowen doing? It just looks like they’re fighting the entire time.”

The skirmish took Callen onto the playing field, but well away from Chiefs rookie Kareem Hunt, who was running the ball. Still, Brees noted “he’s about to get into big trouble.” Baylen took matters into his own hands and pushed Callen to the ground.

And, well, it looked like a group of boys just having fun, and a dad who was having trouble keeping order.

Take a look:

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