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George Brett will make a guest appearance on ‘Modern Family’

Any Royals fan knows that Hall of Famer George Brett piled up incredible statistics, and you can find them on his Baseball Reference page.

Brett’s IMDb page, which includes appearances on “Arliss,” “Fantasy Island”* and “United States of Tara,” is pretty solid, too.

* In his 1978 appearance on “Fantasy Island,” Brett strikes out on three pitches from Gary Burghoff, who is best known for playing Radar O’Reilly on “M*A*S*H”

Brett apparently will be making another appearance as an actor. Kansas City, Kan., native Eric Stonestreet, the K-State grad, tweeted that Brett will be joining him on “Modern Family.”

Stonestreet wrote: “There are good days and then there are...text a childhood hero and baseball icon to ask him to be on the same TV show you’re on and he says yes and then flys from KC to LA to shoot a scene with you...days. ‪@kcroyals ‪#georgebrett”

Stonestreet, who is one of the stars behind the Big Slick charity event that annually raises money for Children’s Mercy Hospital, is an unabashed Royals fan.

No word on when the episode will air, but Stonestreet’s photo shows that Brett was in the Royals’ spring-training uniform for his appearance on “Modern Family.”

Brett was thrilled for the opportunity. He tweeted: “What a great day yesterday flew to LA at the request of Eric Stonestreet and filmed episode of modern family highlight of the year so far”

By the way, here is Brett on “Fantasy Island” in 1978, along with Steve Garvey, Ellis Valentine, Fred Lynn and others:

Highlights from the Big Slick Celebrity Softball Game at Kauffman Stadium on Friday, June 23, 2017.

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