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CNN anchor/Eagles fan proclaims ‘the Patriots are cheaters’

CNN’s Jake Tapper.
CNN’s Jake Tapper. The Associated Press

Sunday was a great day for CNN anchor Jake Tapper. A life-long Eagles fan who grew up in Philadelphia, he was at the NFC Championship Game on Sunday and saw his favorite team crush the Vikings 38-7.

On Monday, CNN’s Brooke Baldwin took a break from the news to talk football with Tapper. Baldwin said she’s a Falcons fan who wasn’t over last year’s Super Bowl when the Patriots rallied from a 25-point deficit late in the third quarter and beat Atlanta in overtime.

So, yeah, Baldwin is rooting for the Eagles to beat New England in Super Bowl LII on Feb. 4.

Tapper also offered up some, uh, breaking news.

“The Patriots are cheaters, Brooke,” Tapper deadpanned. “The Patriots cheat. I mean, this is just a fact, as established by investigations. They’re a cheating team. I’m sorry … The facts speak for themselves.”

U.S. Representative Brendan Boyle of Pennsylvania quickly endorsed Tapper’s position.

Boyle tweeted: “I strongly support @jaketapper and his speaking truth! (I also think it’s great he saw the game with his dad, who I believe has given a lot to the people of Philadelphia through his practice)”

Naturally, quite a few Patriots fans took exception to Tapper’s views on their favorite team.

One tweeted at him: “@jaketapper caught your segment on Brooke Baldwin - congrats to you, your Pop and the Eagles!!! But your observations on the Pats = fake news my friend.”

Tapper responded with a bit of information on Spygate and Deflategate.

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