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Eagles fan from viral video is OK: ‘Props to the pole for a great open-field tackle’

Watch out!
Watch out!

Not long after the Eagles routed the Vikings 38-7 in the NFC Championship Game on Sunday, a video of a Philadelphia fan went viral.

It showed Jigar Desai of Philadelphia running alongside a train when he apparently failed to notice a pillar on the subway platform.

While on MTV’s TRL, Desai said Monday that he was uninjured in the collision.

“I’m doing really well,” Desai said on TRL. “I have just a little bit of soreness in my arm and in my chest as you probably can imagine. Props to the pole for a great open-field tackle, that’s all I can say.”

Here is the original video, which went viral on Sunday night:

A second video, which was shot outside the train, shows Desai trying to fire up the Eagles fans on the train when he hit the pole and then hit his head on the train.

The Associated Press also got in touch with Desai, who is a 42-year-old Eagles season ticket holder from suburban Philadelphia. He told the AP that the video was shot before Sunday’s game, and he wanted to pump up the Eagles fans on the train. He may have done that, but he also gave them a good laugh — along with the rest of the country.

“Yeah, I hit the pole, but the passion is there,” Desai told the AP. “It reflects the passion of the entire city. We are good fans. Yeah, there are a couple of bad apples in the mix, in any city you’re going to find that, but I think as a whole we have supported this team for years and years and years. I think this city is ready to bring home the hardware.”

Eagles fans took to the streets to set off fireworks and climb lamp posts after the team beat the Vikings in the NFC Championship to advance to the Super Bowl.

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