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Chiefs’ Charcandrick West used a ‘your mother’ joke with a Twitter troll

The Kansas City Chiefs are reportedly bringing back running back Charcandrick West.
The Kansas City Chiefs are reportedly bringing back running back Charcandrick West.

A few years back, actor Bryan Cranston was answering fan questions at a convention when someone asked him about his favorite spots to visit in Albuquerque, N.M., where “Breaking Bad” was filmed.

The person asking the question was a nervous kid from Albuquerque, and wondered, “Did you have fun there?”

Cranston brought the house down with his answer: “Yeah, I’d go and visit your mother once in a while.”

As the crowd roared, Cranston then dropped the microphone.

I bring this up, because Chiefs running back Charcandrick West used that very joke when dealing with a Twitter troll on Sunday. West had tweeted about pizza insurance being offered by Domino’s.

“So you tell me you can put insurance on a pizza?? Where tf have I been” West wrote.

A Twitter user Shawn Hunter answered: “Concussion protocol?”

That seems kind of a harsh response for a football player, but West took it in stride and tweeted back: “Yo momz crib??”

Hunter replied: “You can do better than that”

But another Twitter user pointed out how West might, you know, take offense to the concussion protocol joke.

Kyle Seitz wrote: “You mocked him about being in concussion protocol, which means he had a head injury, an injury to the brain which leads to CTE and other serious issues. So no, you sir, can do better than that.”

Hunter saw the light and wrote: “My apologies on how you took it. I see what you’re saying though, my apologies to Mr West too. I don’t think he’s in protocol.”

West said he wasn’t offended. “Bro just joking!! You’re good!” he tweeted.

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