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Steelers fans unload on offensive coordinator Todd Haley

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley.
Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley. The Associated Press

Not sure many people expected to see this score: Jacksonville 45, Pittsburgh 42 in the AFC Divisional playoff game.

The Jaguars jumped to a 28-7 lead, and the Steelers got within a touchdown twice, but could never pull even before getting a garbage touchdown to make it a three-point margin of victory.

In one of those instances, Pittsburgh faced a fourth-and-1 and tried a play-action pass that failed. Earlier in the game, the Steelers ran a sweep play on a fourth and inches play in the first half and the play was stopped for a loss.

Two other fourth-down plays resulted in long touchdown passes, but Steelers fans were not happy with the play calling from offensive coordinator Todd Haley, the former Chiefs coach. As the game progressed, fans also vented about the defense, but the calls for Haley’s head never stopped.

Here is a small sample of what people are saying (the PG version in most cases):

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