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KU grad Rob Riggle has some sharp zingers about K-State while on podcast

Actor and comedian Rob Riggle at the 2014 Kansas State-Kansas game in Lawrence.
Actor and comedian Rob Riggle at the 2014 Kansas State-Kansas game in Lawrence. The Associated Press

In his role for Fox’s NFL pregame show, actor and comedian Rob Riggle doesn’t hide the fact that he’s a Chiefs fan. Riggle also makes a yearly visit to Royals spring training and, of course, is one of the stars of the annual Big Slick fun at Kauffman Stadium.

Riggle graduated from Shawnee Mission South and the University of Kansas, and he loves the Jayhawks. But did you know that Riggle’s wife, Tiffany, attended Kansas State, the alma mater of Big Slick co-host Eric Stonestreet?

While chatting on the “Not Just Sports With Suzy Shuster & Rich Eisen” podcast last week, Riggle dropped that bit of information.

Eisen asked Riggle if Tiffany knew Stonestreet when they were in Manhattan, and quickly offered a mea culpa.

“By the way, that was a total New York thing for me to say that the two people I know from Kansas State — Stonestreet and I just found out your wife — ‘hey did they know each other,’ ” Eisen said.

Riggle said the two were in Manhattan at the same time, and then started with the K-State jokes.

“There’s always a good chance that they would have crossed paths,” Riggle said. “It’s a very small school full of country bumpkins. They could have met at a hayride. A hoedown. ...

“They have the Separate The Wheat From The Chaff festival, I think, (it) is a big one.”

A “Footloose” chat soon followed with the three and Sarah Tiana, who was also a guest.

Eisen then asked if Riggle had seen Stonestreet’s gift of golf carts for the K-State football team, and the discussion turned to Wildcats coach Bill Snyder.

“Bill Snyder, again, I believe he is 105 years old,” Eisen joked.

Riggle said: “I thought he was in his 80s, but turns out he’s 78.”

“He’s one of those older looking 78s,” Eisen cracked.

“I’m a KU guy and I respect him tremendously,” Riggle said. “I know all the good he’s done for K-State and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him, but he looks old. Super old. Scary old.

“He retired once and they dragged him out of retirement the second things didn’t go well and made him come back. I’m like, ‘Let him fish. Let him enjoy his grandkids. Let him be a little bit.’ 

Later Riggle talked about raising his kids as Chiefs fans.

“They don’t have a choice,” Riggle said. “Yeah, they’re Chiefs fans. If they want to live in my house, under my roof and eat the food that I provide, then they will celebrate the Chiefs. The Jayhawks and the Wildcats are still kind of a mixed bag. I’ve got the boy, he’s a Jayhawk. The daughter likes to poke me and say that she’s going to be a Wildcat.

“We’ll see. We’ll see.”

You can listen to the podcast here.

Actor Rob Riggle and family visit Royals spring training

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