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Georgia fan who trolled his Auburn-loving neighbor was at Monday’s title game

The neighbor got a good night’s sleep this time.

You may recall that the day after Georgia beat Auburn in the SEC championship game, a Bulldogs fan in Georgia used a speaker and microphone at 8 a.m. to wake up his neighbor, who is a Tigers fan.

That video quickly went viral, but the Georgia fan wasn’t done.

After the Bulldogs won the Rose Bowl, this fellow was at it again that night, telling his neighbors: “Well, we look forward to next Monday night, whether it be Alabama or Clemson. Hopefully episode three will be coming to you live, next Tuesday morning, around 7:30. To all a good night.”

Safe to say that Tuesday morning was all quiet in that neighborhood.

That fan who rubbed his neighbor’s face in the SEC championship game victory went to Monday night’s game in Atlanta and saw the Bulldogs blow a 13-point lead and lose 26-23 in overtime to Alabama.

The woman who shared that first video, tweeted a photo of the neighbor before he left for what would be a heart-breaking game:

I doubt that the Auburn-loving neighbor was in a mood to respond to his boisterous neighbor, because it was Alabama that won the national championship. That had to sting for that whole neighborhood.

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