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Bill Murray, Brian Doyle-Murray had fun visiting KC baseball spots

Bill Murray had a good time chatting with Kansas City kids at the Urban Youth Academy for his “Extra Innings” show.
Bill Murray had a good time chatting with Kansas City kids at the Urban Youth Academy for his “Extra Innings” show.

Last September, actors Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray were spotted at various places around the Kansas City area.

Doyle-Murray’s wife, Tina, was born in Emporia, and they are both Royals fans. Bill Murray visited with the Royals in 2016, so the brothers are familiar with Kansas City.

That may be why they decided to shoot two episodes in Kansas City for their Facebook show “Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray’s extra innings.”

While the brothers visit minor-league ballparks for the show, they stopped at the Urban Youth Academy and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum for separate episodes.

In the visit to the Urban Youth Academy, Bill Murray grilled Kyle Vena, Director of Baseball Administration for the Kansas City Royals, about his days as a bat boy for opposing teams at Kauffman Stadium.

“As a visiting team bat boy, were you slipping signs or telling things to the home team at all? The statute of limitations has long ended on this stuff,” Murray said. “Did you ever share any information from the visiting team and get it back to the Kansas City dugout?”

Vena said no.

“Then why didn’t you, if you didn’t?” Murray asked. “The Royals could have used your help back then. They may have made it to the World Series a little faster.”

Later Murray recalled a specific incident in Kansas City from his younger days while talking with fans.

“I jumped a freight train here once,” Murray said casually.

Someone asked, “Really? Why?”

“Because I didn’t have any money is why,” he replied. “Yeah, it’s a funny story. You’re laughing at my story. I don’t blame you. That was my high point and my soon to be low point just a couple hours later.”

Later the brothers “coached” against each other in a youth baseball game.

Dole-Murray was dazzled by the Urban Youth Academy.

“If I was a kid, I would feel so special just showing up here,” Doyle-Murray said.

Bill Murray also had tips for the kids on eating a beetle. You can watch the episode here:

In the episode at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum, the brothers received a tour for museum president Bob Kendrick.

“You better take care of yourself,” Bill Murray tells Kendrick. “I don’t know what we’re going to do if you stop talking. If you ever stop talking, we’re all going to be in a world of trouble.”

The brothers also stopped in the gift shop and found lots of stuff they wanted. However, Bill Murray, the noted Cubs fan, couldn’t pull the trigger on one particular item.

“Well, that’s a White Sox team, but it does look great,” he said. “You know, I’ll feel a little funny, but it’s good looking and it looks like the Cubs’ old lettering.”

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