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‘Chiefs are ready to make some noise in the playoffs.’ Where KC is in power rankings

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith.
Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith.

The Chiefs are riding a four-game winning streak into their playoff game Saturday against the Tennessee Titans.

Should the Chiefs win four more games, they would be Super Bowl champions. How’s that for a rosy outlook? The Chiefs’ standing in the NFL power rankings, however, is not great. Not bad, either. Just not great.

Despite being the top-rated team in most power rankings in early October, the Chiefs dropped like a stone after losing six of seven games.

They’ve moved back up thanks to the winning streak. Here is a look at where the Chiefs currently stand in eight power rankings. I added the Titans’ ranking as well.

▪ Pete Prisco of has the Chiefs ranked ninth. “They found their quarterback of the future in Patrick Mahomes, but this is about Alex Smith now. Can he take them to a Super Bowl?” Prisco wrote. Titans ranking: 12th.

KC Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith spoke to the media on Tuesday about the long, dry spell since the franchise last won a playoff game at home. The Chiefs play host to the Tennessee Titans on Saturday in the AFC Wild Card game.

▪ ESPN ranks the Chiefs 10th. John McTigue wrote: “When the Chiefs beat the Patriots and Eagles to start their season, who knew they’d be beating the 1-seeds from the AFC and NFC? Kansas City’s schedule was a lot easier the rest of the season, which makes that 1-6 stretch midway through even more perplexing.” Titans ranking: 12th.

▪ The Chiefs check in at No. 6 at the rankings. “The Chiefs look a lot better than much of the postseason field, and they played a bunch of their second- and third-stringers on Sunday,” Elliot Harrison wrote. Titans ranking: 16th.

▪ Chris Simms of Bleacher Report noted the Chiefs’ improved play on offense and defense and has them ranked ninth. “All of this leads me to believe the Chiefs are ready to make some noise in the playoffs. They might not be the best team in the AFC, but they’re capable of beating any team in the conference when things go according to plan,” Simms wrote. Titans ranking: 12th.

▪ Sports Illustrated has a group of eight people decide their power rankings and the Chiefs are No. 7. Titans ranking: 14th.

▪ The Chiefs are ranked eighth by FanRag Sports. “What Chiefs team are we going to see in the postseason? The scary team that knocked off the Patriots or the 1-6 team that played poorly on both sides of the ball?” asks Jordy McElroy. Titans ranking: 10th.

▪ The Washington Post’s rankings have the Chiefs at No. 10. Mark Maske wrote: “A victory this weekend might send the Chiefs back to New England, where they won the NFL’s season-opening game in stunning fashion to quickly end any notion of the Patriots chasing a 19-0 season.” Titans ranking: 11th.

▪ The Chiefs are No. 6 in USA Today’s power rankings and it wrote: “Alex Smith has to be playoffs’ sentimental favorite.” Titans ranking: 12th.

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