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Royals’ Whit Merrifield shared scenes of his time on a Japanese game show

It’s called Sports Danshi Grand Prix. And as near as I can tell, this game show in Japan pits athletes against one another in a series of activities.

That’s pretty vague, but I’m not well versed in my Japanese game shows. However, I know this much: Royals second baseman Whit Merrifield took part in Sports Danshi Grand Prix.

Merrifield shared a few photos on Instagram and it seems that eight men took part in the game show, including Olympic sprinter Justin Gatlin.

There are three photos and a video, and you can tap the right arrow button to see them all. In the video, Merrifield takes part in a game called “Shotgun touch.” He had to press a button, sprint to touch a spot on the ground before a ball, which is dropped from above, hits the spot. As you’ll see, it looks a lot like he’s diving to catch a ball in right field.

Here is what he shared:

Merrifield also shared a series of photos and videos of his time on Sports Danshi Grand Prix on his Instagram stories, and here are a few of those:

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