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Latest on NFL TD catch debate: ‘To me, this one cheek doesn’t equal two feet’

Forget everything you know about what makes a touchdown catch in the NFL, because ...

Wait you say you don’t really know what a touchdown catch is? Well, you’re not alone, and Kareem Hunt’s non-TD catch for the Chiefs on Saturday night was yet another example.

On Sunday, Carolina receiver Damiere Byrd made a juggling catch on a pass from Cam Newton in the back of the end zone, but the officials rules Bryd had landed out of bounds.

As the replay was being shown, CBS rules analyst Mike Pereira talked about butt cheeks. He said: “To me, this one cheek doesn’t equal two feet necessarily.”


After the play was overturned and Carolina got the touchdown, Pereira saw a new replay and added: “You can see the green in between his cheeks and the white lines.”


That’s the NFL these days. Fans were also confused/bemused:

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