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Headache help? Excedrin will pay for parade if Browns finish 0-16

That’s been a common look on the faces of Browns fans this season.
That’s been a common look on the faces of Browns fans this season. The Associated Press

An online fundraising campaign to hold a parade if the Browns finish with a “perfect” 0-16 got a big boost from an unlikely source.

Excedrin, the pain-medicine company, kicked in more than 75 percent of the needed funds for the planned parade.

This is from the GoFundMe page, which was set up by Browns fans Chris McNeil:

I urge you to come out on January 6th to show your support for our owner, Jimmy Haslam, and his entire front office for the product they put on the field every Sunday (not Monday night, of course, because we aren’t good enough to get that slot). We will parade around First Energy Stadium and culminate with a post-party at a soon to be determined location.

Now, this was started before the Browns hired for Chiefs general manager John Dorsey, but Dorsey likely won’t be able to help his new team over the final four games. The Browns are 0-12 and have a shot to join the 2008 Lions as the only teams to finish 0-16.

The organizers hope to raise $10,000, and Excedrin kicked in a big chunk of change: $7,683.

“All sports fans have felt a team, game or even single play-induced headache at some point. This season has been especially painful for Cleveland football fans. We want them to know we understand their pain and we’re here to help,” Scott Yacovino, the Senior Brand Manager for Excedrin said in a statement.

“That’s why Excedrin is so proud to sponsor the Perfect Season Parade … supporting Cleveland fans’ attempt to embrace the silver lining and excitement around celebrating an 0-16 ‘Perfect’ not-so-perfect season. It’s truly heartbreaking — and headache inducing — to watch your favorite team fall short, and we hope the headache relief we can provide will help make January 6th truly special.”

Should the Browns win one of their final four games, the money raised would go to the Cleveland Food Bank. As of Friday morning, $10,190 had been pledged.

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