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This new Denver Broncos motto is comically bad

Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph.
Denver Broncos head coach Vance Joseph. The Associated Press

A bit of good news for the Chiefs can be found on the schedule.

The Chiefs are currently in a three-way tie with the Chargers and Raiders atop the AFC West at 6-6 — and KC has the tie breaker at the moment. San Diego and Oakland will play each other in the final week of the season, while the Chiefs will draw the Denver Broncos.

So the Chargers and Raiders will beat up on each other, while the Chiefs get to face a Broncos team that is in a deep slide.

Denver is 3-9 and has lost six straight games. But head coach Vance Joseph has come up with a new motto for the Broncos:


Seriously. I’m not making that up.

Here is a quote from Joseph via Nicki Jhabvala, who covers the Broncos for the Denver Post: “This team has played hard. ... Unfortunately we’ve turned the ball over at a rapid rate. But as far as effort, guys are finishing games. ... It gets a little old, but we have a great locker room, we have a great staff. Our motto this week is, ‘No surviving.’ 

Not surprisingly, this was met with ridicule.

You might be asking yourself that very question. What does this mean?

Joseph wants to finish strong. This is from the Denver Post story on Joseph’s goals for the final four games of the season.

“The message was we don’t want to just survive this next month,” Joseph said. “We want to push forward — keep working, keep studying, keep pushing details and trying to win football games. We don’t want guys just showing up to work and just checking boxes. We want to go to work and push this team into a positive area.”

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