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Chiefs’ struggles have been a boon to McDonald’s

The Chiefs’ slump has been lampooned by Fox Sports, experts around the nation have offered their opinions as to why the team’s record has dropped from 5-0 to 6-6, and fans have been frustrated be the struggles.

However, McDonald’s has benefited from the Chiefs’ troubles.

That’s because the fast-food restaurant offers a deal each time the Chiefs record a sack in a game. If the Chiefs get a sack, McDonald’s offers two Big Macs for the price of one the following day at its participating restaurants in Kansas City, St. Joseph and Lawrence.

Thing is, the Chiefs have been skunked in the sack department quite a few times since the start of October.

The Chiefs didn’t have a sack on Sunday in a 38-31 loss to the Jets. In fact, the Chiefs went without a sack in both games they played at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., because they didn’t have one against the Giants on Nov. 19.

That’s no sacks in two of the Chiefs’ last three games, and in four out of their last nine games, the Chiefs haven’t had a sack. That’s a lot of Big Macs.

For the season, the Chiefs are tied for 27th in sacks with 21. They have 10 in their last nine games.

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