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National experts weigh in on Chiefs’ first-half troubles against Bills

That was a dreadful first half for the Chiefs on Sunday against the Buffalo Bills.

The Chiefs managed just three points in the opening 30 minutes. They didn’t have a first down until under 3 minutes, 30 seconds left in the first half. It was their only first down in the opening two quarters.

What ails the Chiefs? A number of experts offered their opinions.

Former NFL wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. said the Chiefs are playing too cautiously.

Smith tweeted: “I’m not sure KC are ready for the big stage. Playing not to lose will result into losing!”

CBS Sports national NFL writer Jason La Canfora said the Chiefs’ inability to run the ball is a bad sign.

“If the Chiefs can’t run the ball on the Bills, they can’t run it on anybody,” La Canfora tweeted.

Nick Wright of Fox Sports wondered what happened to the Chiefs offense.

Wright tweeted: “Chiefs have 18 yards of offense. KC going from the league’s best offense to the league's worst with all the same players is perplexing.”

Even Bill James, the baseball writer, weighed in on the Chiefs’ problems.

“So far today the Chiefs have not had an offensive play which came CLOSE to working. A play failing on multiple levels, play after play,” James tweeted.

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