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Golf legend Jack Nicklaus will be rooting against the Chiefs

Golfer Jack Nicklaus.
Golfer Jack Nicklaus. The Associated Press

Tom Watson and Jack Nicklaus had one of the great rivalries in golf history, and while they won’t be on the same course Sunday, they’ll be rooting against each other’s favorite team.

Watson is a Chiefs fan, while Nicklaus cheers for the Bills. And there is one Buffalo player in particular who is near and dear to Nicklaus’ heart: tight end Nick O’Leary. That’s because O’Leary is Nicklaus’ grandson.

After O’Leary was chosen by the Bills in the sixth round of the 2015 NFL Draft, Nicklaus told the Democrat and Chronicle that teams undervalued his grandson.

“They talk about short arms,” Nicklaus said. “He got those short arms from me. And my hands aren’t large and he doesn’t have large hands. But I’ll tell you one thing, if he can touch a ball, he can catch it and that’s all that counts.

“Buffalo got one heckuva of a good football player. I’m a big Buffalo fan now and I’m going to go to some games and watch him play.’’

O’Leary has 16 catches for 236 yards and a touchdown this season and has impressed Bills coach Sean McDermott.

“Nick is his own person (and) that’s what we look at when we look at Nick,” McDermott told USA Today. “He’s made a name for himself. You go back to college and the career he had in college and what he’s done so far in the NFL.

“We don’t look at Nick in any other way than that. That said, that’s a pretty big shadow. I mean, that’s a legend of sports. If you’re going to come from anything, that’s some pretty good lineage right there.”

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