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Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield apologizes for actions in KU game

There may be no more polarizing figure in college football than Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield.

Mayfield is the front runner to win the Heisman Trophy, but he’s also ticked off fan bases this season for his antics, starting with planting the Sooners flag on the field at Ohio Stadium after OU beat Ohio State.

On Saturday, Mayfield told KU fans the Jayhawks should stick to basketball and later grabbed his crotch during Oklahoma’s 41-3 win.

Mayfield later apologized for what he had done with a message he tweeted. It read:

I am extremely sorry for how I carried myself today. I am sorry to the Kansas fans, coaches and players for disrespecting them. I am sorry to Sooner fans for not representing our University the way I should. I am sorry to any parent that had their kid(s) watching... I was not the good and inspiring role model that I aspire to be. What I did was unacceptable and in turn it has taken the attention off of our team. Not to mention my solo act reflects poorly on my team/program... Which is the opposite of what I want to do. I want my teammates and coaches to get all the attention and credit for working hard and having success. I am sorry to my brothers and coaches as well. I am an extremely competitive person once on the field, but that does not excuse and never will excuse my actions today. I truly am sorry from the bottom of my heart.


Baker Mayfield

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