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NFL replay assistant sneaked in message for players who protest during anthem

You have probably noticed that the NFL changed the way it handles replay challenges this season, with referees looking at a play on a tablet while he stands on the field.

When there is a review, a person brings the tablet on the field for the official, and fans usually don’t notice the person holding the table, even though he is usually seen on television.

Realizing that he would be on television, a replay assistant used his time on camera to send a message to the NFL players who have protested during the playing on the national anthem at games. During the Jets’ game at Tampa Bay on Sunday, the replay assistant wrote a message on the back of his hat, which was seen during the broadcast: “I Will Always Stand.”

Facebook user 12UP shared this video:

That’s not a coincidence, right?

Whether standing or kneeling during America's national anthem, the country's song has become a point of debate in American sports. But how did the anthem get started in sports to begin with?

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