For Pete's Sake

The Chiefs-Raiders Christmas commercial is really funny

The NFL Shop nailed it. This might be the best commercial you’ll see in 2017.

Over the weekend, a commercial aired for the NFL Shop that played off the Chiefs-Raiders rivalry. It starts with a woman telling her husband he can’t wear a Raiders jersey to her family’s Christmas dinner. The man removes the jersey to reveal a Raiders ugly Christmas sweater.

The commercial then cuts to the couple at the dinner table and the rest of the family is dressed in Chiefs gear. That ugly sweater has lights, and no one in the room is happy. Even the dog.

You can see the video above. It is a perfect commercial, because Chiefs and Raiders fans both love it.

Also, fans of every other sports team — not just the NFL — can relate to that kind of a scenario in which family members wouldn’t be happy to see an in-law wearing the arch-rival’s team colors.

That’s why the commercial is so good. Well, that and the fact that many a family holiday dinner involves some awkward moments.

By the way, that ugly Raiders sweater is available on the NFL Shop website. The same is true for a Chiefs sweater.

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