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Chiefs’ Charcandrick West smacks down Broncos fan who trolled him on Twitter

Kansas City Chiefs running back Charcandrick West.
Kansas City Chiefs running back Charcandrick West.

This story begins on Halloween with Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith.

Perhaps you saw that Smith and his wife Elizabeth dressed as Batman’s enemies for Halloween, while their boys were the Dynamic Duo and their daughter was Wonder Woman.


Good Guys vs Bad Guys!! Looks like we finally got caught #dccomics #happyhalloween

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Smith’s teammates had a good laugh about the costume, and running back Charcandrick West tweeted: “Lmao he better never make fun of anything I ever wear”

For the next part of the story, you need to be aware that Broncos linebacker Von Miller has a Batmobile-themed car.

That’s why a Denver fan decided to tweet at West about Smith as the Joker. The tweet includes a curse word, but this is a clean version: “Batman (‪@VonMiller) always (messes) up joker so .....”

Here’s the thing: Miller wasn’t much of a factor in the Chiefs’ 29-19 win over Denver at Arrowhead Stadium on Monday. He had three tackles and one tackle for loss, and didn’t sack Smith.

This was happily noted by West, who responded to the fan: “Just like the other night huh??”

Smacked down in a simple fashion.

Chiefs fans loved it.

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