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Crazy high school kick-return comes up 1 yard short after kicker saves day

Spoiler alert: He doesn’t reach the end zone.
Spoiler alert: He doesn’t reach the end zone.

If you are one of those people who believes kickers only get positive attention after making a field goal, meet Cole Mericle.

Mericle is a kicker for the Lima Senior High School football team in Ohio. On Friday night, he made a field goal with 3 seconds to play to give his team a 25-24 lead against Toledo St. Francis de Sales, per

With victory at hand, Mericle then kicked off and St. Francis de Sales attempted a five-lateral return that appeared to set up a miracle finish.*

*Bad pun, but I won’t apologize

However, Mericle saved the day when the made a tackle at the 1-yard line to end the threat and the game.

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