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A 7-year-old girl takes a cute dig at Cam Newton with video about pass routes

The Eagles play the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday, but one young fan already has her sights on Philadelphia’s opponent after that.

Philadelphia plays the Panthers in the next “Thursday Night Football” game, and guess who the girl is thinking about most? Yep, it’s Carolina quarterback Cam Newton, who caused a stir this week with a sexist remark to a female reporter.

That’s why this 7-year-old Eagles fan recorded a video that starts with: “OK Cam, pay attention because I’m only going to say this once.”

The girl explains different routes with the use of drawings, and she throws in comments about Newton’s clothes and his Super Bowl 50 performance (“You know, I think real boys fall on the football.”


The video ends with the girl talking up Thursday’s game, and uses a Little Mermaid doll as a visual aid.

Twitter user @TheMightyEROCK is an Eagles season-ticket holder and he posted the video. Some people were not happy about the video, but he responded with this:

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