For Pete's Sake

This awful sack summed up KU’s loss to Ohio

Obviously, this didn’t go as planned.

The Kansas football team lost 42-30 at Ohio on Saturday in Athens. The Jayhawks trailed by 25 points after three quarters and rallied a bit to make the final score a little closer.

One play in particular seemed to summarize the frustration for KU. In the second quarter, Jayhawks quarterback Peyton Bender called for the offensive linemen to cut block. However, Bender didn’t get rid of the ball and was sacked by three Ohio players.

Yeah, three.

Take a look:

“That’s a call — I’ll give the line a cut call if I want them to cut,” Bender said. “I was just hoping Quan (Hampton) was going to get open over the middle of the field, and he got walled off. I held onto it too long. I’ve just got to check back down. For cutting, you aren’t going to have much time, so you’ve got to get it out.”


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