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Police use pepper spray to break up fight at end of high school football game

Let’s just say that these teams won’t be remembered for their good sportsmanship.

At the end of a bitter high school football game in Nevada on Friday night, the two teams scuffled, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that school district police had to use pepper spray to break up the scuffle.

Canyon Springs High School beat Basic High School 20-15, and the Review-Journal reported that there were “at least 35 penalties, most of which were after the play for personal fouls or unsportsmanlike conduct. Four Canyon Springs players were ejected in the second half.”

Basic High is in Henderson, Nev., while Canyon Springs is located in North Las Vegas. When the game ended, the two teams started fighting.

Here is video from Twitter user Jesse Granger:

Here is another look, and be warned that this video from Twitter user William Levi contains some foul language:

This is another view from Twitter user Sam Gordon:

The Review-Journal reported that Clark County School District police patrolled the stadium for about 20 minutes as the teams vacated the field.

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