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The best (and worst) April Fool’s Day jokes from the sports world

Twitter screenshot

Sometimes when I’m on social media, I feel like every day is April Fool’s Day.

But Wednesday was the real deal, and there were plenty of sports-related gags. Here are some of the best ones.

The Indianapolis Colts “introduced” their all-white uniforms:

Former Sporting Kansas City goalie Jimmy Nielsen announced a comeback:

The Trenton Thunder minor-league baseball team had this gem:

Tom Brady was seen recently playing with basketball with Michael Jordan, so Brady posted this photo to Facebook:

How about the Chicago White Sox introducing a line of fragrances:

“Inside the NBA” had fun with Shaquille O’Neal with its list of the Top 100 NBA centers.

Qatar, the controversial host of the 2022 World Cup, was invited to play in the 2020 European Championships:

And finally, one absolutely terrible “joke” from a Seahawk:

Irvin got crushed on Twitter.

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