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Royals fans haven’t lost sense of humor despite team’s scoreless streak

Look out 1968 Chicago Cubs, the Royals are coming up fast.

Heading into Tuesday night’s game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Royals’ scoreless streak is at 43 innings. The 1968 Cubs and the 1906 A’s* both had scoreless streaks of 48 innings, and that is the major-league record.

*When the A’s were in Philadelphia, well before they moved to Kansas City and then to Oakland

Of course, this is not a record that the Royals want. Despite seeing their team outscored 35-0 since the third inning of last Thursday’s game, Royals fans have kept their senses of humor.

As the scoreless frames have piled up, Royals fans have pulled out funny memes, GIFs and, of course, the Crying Jordan.

Here is a sample of what has been shared.

Fans have shared on social media

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