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Scenes from Royals clubhouse: Smashing wood, Lorenzo Cain singing and bike riding

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The Royals seem ready for the regular season. Or at least for spring training to end.

On Sunday, the team apparently brought in a motivational speaker. And if you’re going to do that, it might as well be someone who breaks stuff rather than just talks.

A few of the players posted a video of this guy breaking through a pair of two-by-four wooden boards.


"Warriors don't die lying down." This dude was the best

A video posted by @whitmerrifield on

Catcher Salvador Perez was up to his usual tricks. By that, I mean he was secretly filming Lorenzo Cain. It sounds like Cain is singing along with Trey Songz:


Locker room karaoke featuring LoCain (via @salvadorp13). #ForeverRoyal #Royals

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Cain wanted the video deleted, so naturally Perez recorded that, too:


Before the game hahaha

A video posted by Salvador Perez (@salvadorp13) on

This video, from the Royals, is more than a week old, but it came during a rainy time in Arizona.

Opening day is just a week away.

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